This source is not focused on Disney however ‘Frozen’ is briefly mentioned in one of the paragraphs, which relates to one of the key arguments / discussions of the extended essay.

Disney’s Frozen (2013) in addition to frustrating the parent of every young child in the United States determined to sing “Let It Go” over and over again, was heralded as a new kind of Disney story. Rarther than retelling the typical girl yearning for her prince story, it ultimately focused on the love between two sisters, one forced into isolation for fear of her “power” to turn everything into ice. In Chapter 6 we discussed how the film has been read as telling a story of gay acceptance, as the story of Elsa and her secret certainly mirrors the coming-out narrative. Yet, the movie does more than this. It decenters the heterosexual love plot so central to Disney films. In this film it is not the romantic love between a man and a woman that saves the day, but the love between sisters Elsa and Anna.

Just as the feminist and civil rights movement influenced the way we think about gender and race, it is impossible to think that the GLBTQ rights movements would not have an effect on our understanding of heterosexuality. As scholars and students focus attention on representations of dominant groups in the media through whiteness and masculinity studies, they also study the construction of heterosexuality in the media. The intertwined relationship of homo- and heterosexuality, where each category requires the other to make any sense at all, neccessitates that change in one will bring change in the other.

Morrow, W, H. &   Battles, (2015) K. Sexual Identities and the Media: An Introduction:  711 Avenue, New York: Taylor & Francis



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